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ANN CHERIE CAKES – Our rebrand journey

Looking back…

When I was young, I’ve always been so fascinated with baking. Unlike in the UK where every household has an oven, back home in the Philippines it’s a luxury. For me, baking was a dream. I always look up to bakers as amazing individuals. It’s like how can they transform flour into something so good, so beautiful and so delicious? And the amazement of guests at every party whenever they see the cake must be so heart warming to the baker.

Then moving to the UK days after uni and having a 2 year old to look after and do school runs, I had a hard time finding a job that suited at the time. And having an oven installed in the kitchen we were renting, I thought, why not bake and sell. I had a degree in International Business and Entrepreneurial Management so I thought a business from home must be the best option for me then. 

And so I baked. 

When I was thinking of a business name, I never thought I will someday be making wedding cakes. Back in 2010 I have a blog called “Little Munchkins” to record about my children’s everyday activities so Cakes replaced the ‘kins’ in munchkins. I thought about adding ‘cheeky’ because I find it cute and so British. That’s how Cheeky Munch Cakes was born.


8 years later, I decided to rebrand. It has been long overdue and now is the perfect time. I took over a year of break from caking and thought it’s best to come back with a fresh new start, a brand new name and a more defined future for the business.

It’s a long process and really nerve wracking, but I pushed it and it gave so much happiness to see it taking shape. First challenge was the new business name. It was a long debate, but I ended up using my name in the end. So why Ann Cherie? Well, I’ve been neglecting my name since birth, using only AC so now’s the time to make a good use of it and the more I say it – Ann Cherie, Ann Cherie, Ann Cherie – the more I feel so grateful to my papa to have given me such a beautiful name. I owe him this.

Then comes everything else. The thing is, I had to do it all by myself – from logo making, web designing to content building. I am so fortunate to have had a background in website building back in my blogging days and a basic photoshop skills I learned way back in uni when I got so addicted to digital scrapbooking to document my then 1 year old daughter’s journey. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it so far. Still a long way to go, but it was a good start.

What’s next?

Ann Cherie Cakes is just the beginning. The beginning of a new journey to more exquisite creations.

If you see our new brand, please give us some love by following us and commenting to our posts.

If you would like Ann Cherie Cakes to create an amazing edible masterpiece for you, get in touch and we will work together to make your event extra ordinary.

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